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Local Wasp Nest Removal in Leominster

When you first discover a wasp nest on or near your property, the chances are there will be two things on your mind: how can I get rid of it, and how can I get rid of it quickly? The answer to both questions is simple, because all it involves is a call to the finest wasp nest removal Leominster can offer.

Dealing with wasp nests yourself is not recommended at all. Wasps can give you a painful sting, and when the nest is threatened you may find hundreds will want to attack you. Our experienced, knowledgeable specialists have all the know-how, all the technology and all the equipment to bring a fast, effective solution, so always make sure you leave things to the experts.

We’ve been providing fast, effective Leominster wasp nest removal for several years, and if you want to know more about the quality of our service just take a look at Checkatrade. It’s good to know that help is at hand at a time when you need it most, so call 01432 507300 today.

Click The Video To See A Typical Wasp Nest Entrance

large horent nest

We Get Rid Of Wasps In 3 Easy Steps

getting rid of wasps in leominster

1 – Locate The Nest

You may find that you can’t see the nest at all, but you’ve noticed an increasing number of wasps in and around the property. We’ll know where to find it, and we’ll then ascertain the safest and most effective way to neutralise the occupants. Every nest is different, but in most cases the strategy we adopt will be one that’s familiar to us.

wasps sting when threatened

2 – Treatment Applied

The most effective way of dealing with a wasp nest in Leominster is with a strong insecticide, and we use one that’s so strong it’s not available to the general public. We apply it to the nest entrance, then the wasps themselves will carry it inside. Our insecticide gets to work immediately, and the results will be noticed in minutes. The wasps, including the queen, will soon be neutralised.

covering leominster

3 – Nest Eradication

The last of the wasps will be dead within around five hours, leaving you with the satisfaction of knowing that your property is safe and secure once again. No matter how large the nest might be or how perfect its location might have been, it will not be used by other wasp colonies in the future. Therefore, there’s no need to remove it from its site.

Only £59 For A Guaranteed Wasp Nest Treatment

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Our Leominster wasp control service is available right now for a highly affordable fixed cost. We don’t like hidden extras or nasty surprises any more than you do, so we guarantee our low price of £59. Our existing customers like the fact that they know how much they’ll have to pay right from the start, and we have a feeling you’ll like it as well.

Many people go through a somewhat traumatic period when they first realise they have a nest on their property, but our experienced professionals will soon put you at your ease. We’re happy to explain the whole process for you, and to help you understand what our fast, efficient Leominster wasp nest removal service involves. There’s no need to worry, you’re in safe hands now.

We work seven days a week to help the community remain as wasp-free as possible. If your home or business property is currently under siege from a colony of wasps, just call us on 01432 507300 and in no time you’ll be wasp-free once again.

Do You Guarantee Your Treatments?

Yes, all our wasp and hornet treatments are fully guaranteed. If the nest is still showing signs of being active after 48 hours we will return free of charge to retreat the nest.

Is It Really Just £59?

Yes, our price for one nest treated is fixed at £59. This price is the same no matter where it is located or how high up it is.

Are The Nests Removed?

No, once a nest has been treated it will be redundant. Wasps cannot return to a previously used nest.

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